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  • The Trying Mark Lyrics

    Dark Matter

    The light and so the view 

    Is barely getting through

    It’s one of those days

    When I can’t recall what blew us all away

    I’m trying to forget

    What hasn’t happened yet 

    Will happen anyway

    To those with love 

    And those of us with hate

    I’m trying to abandon things that I may never make

    The mystery within the sorrow and the end

    Who can pluck the sound

    Of the unknown chorus deep within the memory of God?

    The money for the fire/The work we hope inspires

    I won’t compare the two

    We are a family 

    Hoping, praying, love will happen through

    Trying to discern what will nurture what will burn

    Listening for the words our mouths have yet to shape

    Waiting to receive what we mustn’t try to take

    Trying to remain with what we cannot say.

    The Human Scale

    A beckoning

    The waterfall of everything

    A waking dream

    The miracles attention bring

    I’m not saying it will ever come

    I’m not saying we’re the only ones

    In multitudes factoring infinities

    In opposites never adding up to anything

    I’m not saying this will help someone

    But I’m not saying we are on our own

    I once knew a girl 

    Who carried the whole world in the small of her womb

    Somehow she made room

    A lying down

    The final chorus failure sings

    The trembling that is its own philosophy

    I’m not saying fear won’t find us out

    But I’m not saying we won’t laugh at all

    The Strangers

    How is it so?

    A man made for joy

    A man made for woe

    From chaos a coherence sown

    I yield to what I cannot know

    From darkness I come and I go

    A knocking unnerves the unknown

    Admit the intrusion

    I come at the wonder

    Of holding the love I let go

    Words without name

    Without song

    Unknown but played all along

    Beckon me into the hall

    I come with nothing at all

    Windswept beyond the beyond

    What has happened

    Is happening now

    This vocal vibration, an improvisation

    The risk and reception of song

    When Things Fall Apart 

    A family of artists

    A field of dreamwork

    The mirror of friendship

    The deep correlation

    The misunderstandings

    The darkness around us

    The beauty and terror

    The limits of language

    Lift it up

    The love and attention

    Of setting the table 

    Of sitting with anger until it becomes sadness

    The slow fascination with patterns and chaos

    With monsters and angels

    With improvisation

    Lift it up


    In a universe of chance

    In a world of dominance

    In a common circumstance

    In the kamikaze glance

    Lift it up

    The Way for Now

    For now I am a field in winter waiting

    This cold it is a shield

    No man, no plow, no seed will find its way beneath me

    For now I will not yield

    Alone listening for stories only Death remembers

    The listening is long

    My heart is empty as a tree in late December

    My limbs stripped of belief

    No loss somehow can keep my empty arms from reaching

    This longing will not yield

    Alone waiting for Silence to begin its healing

    The waiting is long